U5 type impact sample notch broaching machine, American standard European standard Charpy impact test notch sample preparation equipment

Liangong supplies U5 type impact sample notch broaching machine from stock, American/European standard Charpy impact test notch sample preparation equipment. As a strong old factory for testing machines, the notch broaching machine developed and upgraded by the Liangong has now reached the sixth generation of products. It has two cutting methods, electric and hydraulic, and is a patented product of Liangong. The advantage is that two specimen notches can be processed at the same time: one V-shaped and one U-shaped (two V-shaped or two U-shaped notches can also be used). No matter whether the V-shaped or U-shaped gap is processed, there is no need to change the tool. The sample gap can be processed in just 8 seconds at a time. The operation is simple and reliable. The processed V-shaped and U-shaped gaps can meet the American standards ASTM E23, EN 10045, ISO148, ISO 83 and other relevant international standards, can also meet the requirements of GB 2106 "Metal Charpy (V-notch) Impact Test Method" and GB/T 229 "Metal Charpy Notch Impact Test Method."

Liangong adheres to the goal of serving customers and developing and growing. After a long time of hard work and improvement, its strength has been continuously enhanced and its technology has been continuously improved. The company’s main equipment now includes impact testing machines and impact sample notch broaching machines, cooling tanks, Charpy projectors, bending testing machines, universal testing machines, electronic tensile testing machines, gauge meter, metallographic sample preparation instruments, hardness testers, etc. The company’s series of products have been widely used in metallurgy and machinery Manufacturing, aerospace, ordnance, railways, automobiles, pressure vessels, springs, steel pipes, rubber, plastics and other industries. In the future development, Liangong will continue to adhere to the development strategy of "promoting the spirit of craftsmanship and building a century-old testing machine brand", and will continue to be customer-oriented, focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of mid-to-high-end mechanical performance testing equipment. Independent innovation, creating excellent products with core competitiveness, leading the development trend of the domestic testing machine industry with high-quality products and efficient services, and making greater contributions to the revitalization of the national testing machine brand.