Three-station high temperature tensile testing machine

The three-station high-temperature tensile testing machine is composed of a high-precision electronic universal testing machine and three high-temperature furnaces. It can be used in combination according to the high-temperature test environment requirements to provide a stable test environment temperature for various high-temperature material tests. When doing room temperature test, only need to remove the high temperature furnace, which can fully meet the strength test of GB/T4338, HB5195 in round bar sample, rectangular sample, etc. under special environmental temperature.
Compared with ordinary high-temperature electronic universal testing machines, this type of testing machine is equipped with 3 sets of high-temperature furnaces. Each high-temperature furnace device is equipped with a crank arm rotating mechanism, which can adjust the elevation angle to ensure the level of the furnace body. Three high-temperature furnaces can work at the same time when in use. When the sample is heated to the set temperature, push the high-temperature furnace into the test space for high-temperature tensile test. The three high-temperature furnaces can be switched and used at will, which greatly saves the heating time and greatly saves the heating time, improved work efficiency.
Main technical parameters of high temperature furnace:
1. According to three-stage temperature control design;
2. Wide temperature range: 300~1000℃;
3. Uniform heat zone length: constant temperature section 150mm;
4. Furnace size: Φ90×300mm, it can also be made according to user requirements;
5. Temperature control method: PID intelligent temperature control;
6. Power: 3KW;
7. Temperature fluctuation: ±3℃,
8. Temperature gradient (150mm centered in the axial direction):
≤600°C ±3°C,
600~900℃ ± 4℃
900~1000℃ ±5℃,
9. Accuracy of temperature measuring instrument: not less than 0.3 level.