Precautions for the use of American standard impact specimen notched hydraulic broaching machine

The American standard impact sample notch hydraulic broaching machine meets the requirements of the American standard ASTM E23, EN 10045, ISO 148, ISO 83 and other relevant international standards for the accuracy of the sample notch, and can also meet the requirements of the national standard. The notch broaching machine due to the one-time forming processing principle, the gaps have good uniformity.

But pay attention to the following matters when using:
1. The ground wire must be connected when using the impact sample notch broaching machine.
2. Do not adjust the return valve of the oil circuit at will. When adjustment is required, it is advisable that the oil at the clamp seat can flow to the broach, and the oil return valve should not be closed too small, otherwise the oil pump motor will be burned.
3. After broaching is completed, the clamp base must be loosened to take out the sample before the broach is allowed to rise.
4. The iron filings on the blade must be cleaned up before each sample processing, so as not to affect the processing quality.
5. After replacing the new broach, you must adjust the relative position of the broach and the specimen clamp seat. After installing the new broach, you need to adjust the level of the broach.
6. Use a grease gun to inject a small amount of lubricating oil around the knife box each time before starting the machine.
7. Frequently clean the iron filings in the receiving box to prevent iron filings from entering the fuel tank and blocking the pipeline.
8. According to actual usage, this machine needs to replace the hydraulic oil every 1 to 3 months.