Testing of mechanical properties of metal bars

The mechanical properties of metal materials (such as strength, plasticity, hardness, and fatigue) are important measurement indicators for bars, and they are also an important basis for judging whether it is suitable for a specific application.

Many important factors need to be considered in the test of bar samples, such as frame stiffness, moderate clamping force, specimen alignment, strain measurement, equipment control, data collection and report results. When testing heavy bars under extreme mechanical load conditions, the height of the frame and the selection of fixtures are particularly important. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the required test force value according to the tensile strength of the tested material and the requirements of the standard sample. According to the test force value, select a suitable metal tensile testing machine.

The bending test provides important information about the plasticity and toughness of the material. Need to test the suitability of the material. Due to the diversity of materials, specimens and applications, as well as the continuous development of material science, special test fixtures need to be developed.

The solution
It is determined based on the sample diameter and the bending diameter. The bending fixture provides an adjustable support span and a replaceable bending center, so that a single fixture can be applied to a variety of size bar tests.

Many applications and product designs use bars that are affected by shear stress. These applications range from simple pins and U-shaped hook adapters to safety pins used as mechanical safety devices to protect expensive equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the performance of the bar under actual shear conditions.

The solution
The universal testing machine is equipped with special cutting attachments developed and designed by Liangong.