Paper and paperboards tensile tester

This testing method is suitable for measuring all paper and paperboards except corrugated paper and there are two measuring methods: constant speed loading and constant speed drawing. The main test indicators: tensile strength, tensile index, elongation at break, tensile energy absorption, elastic modulus and so on.
It is recommended to use the Liangong CMT-2L single-column electronic universal testing machine (tensile testing machine), equip with tensile fixture, computer automatic control of the test process, test speed and loading method arbitrarily setting, the test results are automatically obtained.
Carefully studying the test standards will be very important for testing procedures, fixture use and demand results.
About this solution
Relevant standards: GB/T 12914-2008  ISO1924
Sample type: strip sample
Material: paper
Test Type: tensile
Model selection: CMT-2L single-column electronic universal testing machine