Wood's horizontal grain tensile strength test solution

 The electronic universal testing machine (tensile testing machine) professionally developed by Liangong Group is fully applied in the field of wood inspection. This scheme is suitable for the transverse tensile strength test of small wood specimens without defects. The wood tensile testing machine CMT-5 model is used, equipped with wedge-shaped tensile fixtures for clamping tensile specimens, combined with intelligent test software, Automatically obtain the tensile strength of the horizontal grain of the wood and provide a test report.

   This series of CMT electronic universal testing machines (tensile testing machines), specially developed by Liangong Group, can not only measure surface bonding strength, static bending strength, elastic modulus, screw holding force, internal bonding strength, etc., but also Board, aluminum composite panel, aluminum, paper, PVC, metal round material, pipes and other materials are subjected to necessary tensile, compression, bending, flexural, peeling and other tests. It is an ideal testing equipment for wood-based panel and wood production enterprises and quality supervision departments