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WEW Computer Screen Display Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
  • WEW Computer Screen Display Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

WEW Computer Screen Display Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

WEW Computer Screen Display Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine adopts cylinder down-setting host, WEW-B is chain transmission,WEW-C is gear-gear transmission.Tensile space is located above the host, compression, bending, shear test space is located between the beams and workstations; oil source with desktop hydraulic oil source.

Usage and characteristic:
     WEW series are microcomputer LCD display, all kinds of parameters and curves can display on the computer screen real-timely, which also have the functions of printing test reports and data processing.
Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine adopts cylinder down-setting host, mainly used for metal, nonmetal tensile, and compression, bend and shear tests. It is applicable to metallurgy, construction, light industry, aviation, spaceflight, materials, universities and colleges, scientific research institutes and other fields. The test operation and data processing accord with GB/T228-2010, < Room-temperature Materials Mental Tensile Testing Method >.

Main technical parameter:
Type/Specification WEW-300B WEW-600B WEW-1000B WEW-2000B
WEW-300C WEW-600C WEW-1000C  
Max.test force(kN) 300 600 1000 2000
Measuring range of force value 2%~100Fs
Relative error of indicating value ±1%
Deformation measurement device extensometer
Transmission mode WEW-B is Chain Drive
WEW-C is Worm Gearing
Safety protection device Software protection and mechanical limit protection
Control function Special software
Clamping diameter range of round sample (mm) Φ10~Φ32 Φ13~Φ40 Φ13~Φ60 Φ20~Φ70
Clamping diameter range of flat sample (mm) 0~15 0~30 0~40 0~40
standard configuration 0~15 standard configuration 0~20
Upper and Lower Pressure Plate Size (mm)
170x170 170x170 205x205 205x205
Ф160 170x170
Bending branch roll width (mm) 140 140 140
Total Power (Kw) 2 2.1 2.5 3.0
Host 800×600×1980 820×620×2100 1080×700×2500 1100×760×3000
900×750×2300 900×750×2360 1060×850×2570  
Worktable 1120×600×849