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CSL-Y Impact Specimen Gap (double knives) Hydraulic Broaching Machine
  • CSL-Y Impact Specimen Gap (double knives) Hydraulic Broaching Machine

CSL-Y Impact Specimen Gap (double knives) Hydraulic Broaching Machine

Impact specimen gap broaching machine is necessary and special equipment of metallurgy, pressure vessel,vehicles and vessels, construction machinery manufacture industries and departments of science&research. This product satisfies GB/T229-2007 which also can satisfy American standard, European standard like ASTM E23-02a,EN10045,ISO148,ISO83 and other international standards.

  • 规格型号:CSL-Y

Main Characteristics
1. Broach using good quality W18Cr4V high-speed alloy steel manufacturing, cutting tool parameters through professional design, long service life.
2. The machine hydraulic system is integration design, compact structure, rational layout, convenient to use.
3. The machine is equipped with blade mouth cooling lubrication system, to ensure the sample accords with a requirement gap size and surface finish, and extend the service life of the broach.
4. Broach rise and fall guide with high precision linear guide, ensure the accuracy of the equipment to a great extent and extend the service life of the equipment.
5. The hydraulic system adopts famous brand components, greatly improve the stability of equipment operation.
6. it can processing two samples at the same time, improve the working efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Model CSL-Y
Specimen gap shape V-or U-(2mm)
Processing the Specimen size 10*10(7.5 or 5)*55mm
Drive mode Hydraulic
Broach stroke 350mm
Broach Materials W18Cr4V
Cutting speed 2.5m/min
Power 3-phase 4-wire  380V 50Hz 0.4KW
Main motor 0.37KW
Dimensions (mm) 660*400*1200mm
Weight 200kg

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