Cost-effective tire mechanical performance testing solution

As one of the important parts of the vehicle, the tire is not only related to the handling performance of the vehicle, but also related to the life safety of the people on the vehicle. After all, no matter how fast the car runs, it depends on the grounding part of the four tires, so don't ignore the importance of tires. The tire mechanical performance testing program developed by Liangong Group can be used to test tires and tire accessories, cords and whole ropes and other products and raw materials to ensure that materials and products meet the high standards of customers.
The configuration of Liangong tire testing solution:
One CMT type microcomputer-controlled electronic universal testing machine developed by Liangong
Configurable according to actual needs:
10kN horn pneumatic stretching clamp   50kN wedge-shaped stretching clamp
50kN steel cord disc tension fixture     10kN involute pneumatic tension fixture
Special tensile fixture for 10kN steel wire   Large deformation measurement system
10KN rubber special tensile clamp (optional: air source or compressed air power device, pneumatic clamp foot control switch)
Flat jaw clamp block, suitable for thin wire and filament sample stretching, 0.1-0.3mm 10kN clamp clamp
Features and advantages of the tire testing solution:
1. The method of "adding test plan" is suitable for various simple or complex tests.
2. A large number of accessory fixtures and tooling options can be provided to meet the various testing needs of users.
3. Liangong’s test solution is a collection that meets all GB/ASTM/ISO/EN/BS and other related tensile, tear, puncture, elasticity and other test standards.
4. Industry-leading precision and accuracy.
5. Safe and reliable.